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May 17th- 14 more Charges Against Colton

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From mainstream news – SEATTLE – Island County prosecutors have filed ten new and four amended charges against Colton Harris-Moore, the alleged “Barefoot Bandit” who is already awaiting trial on federal charges.

The new charges include eight counts of burglary; one count of firearm theft; and one count of computer trespass. The amended charges include three counts of identity theft and one count of attempting to elude a police vehicle.

Combined, the total maximum punishment for all the alleged crimes is 120 years in prison and $240,000 in fines.

One of the reasons prosecutors filed the charges now is because some of them occurred in 2008 and are close to reaching the three-year statute of limitations, Island County Prosecutor Gregory Banks said.

Last week, San Juan County filed 16 theft and burglary charges against the former fugitive.

Harris-Moore is expected to reach plea deals that would resolve federal and state charges in several jurisdictions. The charges involve plane, boat and car thefts as well as numerous burglaries.

The 20-year-old gained a popular Internet following during his run from the law.

Excerpt from Vancouver Sun on Stephen Reids parole violation.

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Bank robber Stephen Reid has had his day parole revoked after he was found with thousands of contraband cigarettes during a traffic stop.

Reid, 60, was ordered back to jail on Nov. 6, 2010 but the National Parole Board provided no details as to why. His wife, Susan Musgrave, said at the time she thought her husband was arrested for showing up late for a urine test.

According to a written decision by the parole board, Reid was stopped on Oct. 26, 2010 for driving without insurance. Police found 18 clear plastic bags containing 3,600 contraband cigarettes from the U.S.

He also had a pill bottle containing Valium, the report said. Reid later admitted to parole officials that he was abusing prescription drugs and heroin. He also admitted to using another person’s urine during a drug test.

“You said you had been a drug addict for 41 years and did not know what to do to stop,” the parole board said.

Reid was released on day parole in January 2008 after serving almost half of his 18-year prison sentence for his part in a bank robbery in Victoria.

He was given strict conditions, including that he spend five nights a week in a halfway house, abstain from drugs and alcohol, stay away from anyone involved in criminal activity or substance abuse, and participate in substance-abuse programs and counselling.

The report from the parole board said Reid and Musgrave had travelled to Toronto to meet a foreign film production company that was considering making a documentary on Reid’s life of crime. Reid told the parole board he agreed to this because the documentary would likely not be shown in Canada and so he thought it would not affect his victims.

Reid will have his parole reviewed after one year.

Stephen Reid Back in Jail.

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This is taken from mainstream media, I will post his address or current situation as soon as more info becomes available.

Bank robber Stephen Reid is back in jail, apparently after breaching his parole conditions. But his wife, poet Susan Musgrave, says she has no idea what happened.

“This is not clear-cut. … I don’t know what they have breached him for,” said Musgrave, speaking from Haida Gwaii.

It appears to have something to do with turning up late for a urine test on Nov. 5, but information has been difficult to get, Musgrave said. Jaswinder Frenette, National Parole Board spokeswoman, said yesterday that no information is released on specific cases. However, the general rule is that parole officers have the right to issue an arrest warrant if they believe a parolee has breached conditions of parole or is about to, Frenette said. The parole officer then has 30 days to decide whether to refer the case back to the National Parole Board for a review. Reid was released on day parole in January 2008 after serving almost half of an 18-year prison sentence for his part in a dramatic bank robbery in Victoria. The charges included attempted murder. One of his parole conditions is that he spends five nights a week at a halfway house. Other conditions include abstaining from drugs and alcohol, staying away from anyone involved in criminal activity or substance abuse, and participating in substance-abuse programs and counselling. Last year, when Reid’s parole was previously revoked, he spent three months back in jail. The Musgrave/Reid family splits its time between homes in North Saanich and Haida Gwaii. Reid, 60, underwent open-heart surgery last year and, after a quadruple bypass, two heart valves were replaced, Musgrave said.

Colton Harris-Moore Trial Delayed to July 11.

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More than 800 pages of documents have already been compiled in the case, one of the prosecutors says. Harris-Moore has been charged, is expected to be charged or is under investigation in as many as 20 counties across the country, attorneys said.

John Henry Browne, Harris-Moore’s defense attorney, said he was working toward a global plea agreement in federal court, effectively consolidating all the cases. He expects his client to serve up to a dozen years behind bars. Browne said Tuesday he is hoping that state prosecutors will agree to have their cases settled in federal court.

Colton Pleads Not Guilty and Trial Date Set.

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Colton has plead not guilty to federal charges and the trial date has been set for January 18th, its still not clear if it will be in Tacoma or Seattle.

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Updated Unmanageable Outlaws Flyer with Coltons Address.

Colton Harris-Moore #83421-004
FDC SeaTac
PO Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198